Chronic Pain--Is there still hope for healing?

If you have been told by doctors that there is nothing else they can do for you, and you still have pain. If you have tried almost everything, and your pain has returned, then I invite you to keep on reading, then click on the tabs above, to learn about alternative therapy treatments that work. At Emmanuel's Touch Therapy, I have built on my healthcare background and added hands-on treatments that work. Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release are osteopathic techniques that correct the source of your pain, while healing prayer surrounds you and heals you emotionally and spiritually. It's time to let go.

"One hundred million people struggle with chronic pain everyday,"

despite many advances in healthcare, including the recognition by the healthcare community that we are not dealing with a single cause. Many medical providers have adopted a multi-disciplinary approach to care. Even so, treatment can be fragmented, and the overall goal can be to have patients "manage their pain" rather than finding freedom from their suffering. Why is "pain relief " not a priority?

In my 30+ years as a physical therapist, and a patient myself, I believe that our reliance on traditional medicine to treat the symptoms of chronic pain has cost us dearly. Physicians have been taught, until recently, to treat diseases instead of people. Medical providers do not have the time to really listen to their patients. Their attention is split between a computer screen and their client. In many cases, the provider does not even touch the patient as part of a physical exam. Tests may be ordered, or a prescription written, but there is little connection between the caregiver and the patient. We have trusted technology over touch, and tried to mend broken bodies, while neglecting broken spirits. Still, there is hope. Alternative therapy that uses healing touch and Healing Prayer is the answer for so many. 

Emmanuel: A Savior who Heals

Jesus, understands. He experienced pain beyond all measure for our sake. We are His children. He loves us. He wants to heal us. (1 Peter 2:24) It does not matter if you are a Christian believer or not. If you are in pain, and you want to be healed, I invite you to come and experience Emmanuel's Touch. I have specialized in physical therapy for pain relief using the best of evidence-based traditional therapy, with effective osteopathic techniques like Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, & Therapeutic Massage. This hands-on approach to treatment incorporates what is lacking in modern medicine today, the connection of personal touch necessary for healing. Combining touch with the healing prayer, connects us to the source of all healing. Finally, each client is given a specific exercise and wellness program that is tailored to their individual needs, something that can be incorporated easily into their everyday lifestyle. Decide for yourself if God can bring you pain relief using my hands. (Matthew 9:35-38)

*People of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome and encouraged to come for healing prayer and treatment at Emmanuel's Touch Therapy.

Emmanuel's Touch Therapy

grew out of my desire to help people by treating them the way I would want to be treated. I have been privileged to connect with hundreds of people over the years who have struggled with pain and injury, and tried numerous types of treatment without success. Empathy is at the heart of this journey. I do not have all the answers, but I have walked in your shoes. I have experienced pain and frustration as a patient, and as a practicing physical therapist. I know, however, that treatments like Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release work. As a person of faith, I know that I am called to do this work, and feel blessed to be able to share the journey of prayer & healing with so many.

*Everyone is welcome including people of all faiths & backgrounds, believers & skeptics, adults & kids.

This is What Real Pain Relief Looks Like: