Therapeutic Massage

Massage is the oldest of the healing arts using a hands-on approach. It dates back to 3000 BC, and was practiced as an important medical healing approach in China, Egypt, and India. Massage was introduced much later in Europe, primarily in Sweden, and Norway in the 1800's. Swedish massage uses long, flowing strokes, and is still used today for relief of stress, and relaxation. However, other types of massage have evolved in the last century including Japanese shiatsu, and Trigger-point massage developed by American physician Janet Travell. Myofascial Release, which focuses on the elimination of connective tissue (fascia) restrictions and muscle tightness, incorporates trigger-point releases into its approach using cross-friction massage. Variations of all these techniques exist including deep muscle massage,visceral massage,sports massage, and lymphatic massage to reduce swelling. Reflexology is another specialized type of kneading massage to points on the feet or hands, which stimulates parts of the body from head to toe. Often, it is beneficial to use different types of massage during the same treatment. Full body massage strengthens the immune system, eliminates muscle tension and relaxes the mind and body by calming the autonomic nervous system. It can be therapeutic or preventative. It's a wise investment in your health.

Reflexology Charts